In the Netherlands you’re under law allowed to receive up to € 2.208 per annum in individual in donations. This amount is not taxed under VAT/BTW or income tax.  However this requires you to have no quid pro quo (example: I donate € 5,- per month and therefor I have access to your content) on your content or project that you want to have supported. This doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to have any other commercial offering it only means that the money that you receive from Backme is free of taxes.

So with Backme you can build a tax free income and keep your content available to anyone without limiting yourself with paywalls that have proven time and time again that they either don’t work or work for a limited time before they stop working completely.

We are currently working with some of the best tax lawyers in the world to allow individuals based outside of the Netherlands to receive the same benefits. Because we believe that keeping content (from journalism to art) free is the best way forward for our society and you as a individual content creator.

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