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To confirm your identity and activate your account you must to order a bank transfer from the account you indicate here for the amount of 0,50 €. You will receive detailed instructions by email.

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Terms and Conditions Backme helps content creators build a sustainable income by enabling their community to support them. We receive, manage and process small recurring monthly donations on your behalf made through our platform. The first payment follows after 60 days of the first donation made to you through our platform. After that you’ll receive the total of your donations as shown on the dashboard in your Backme admin environment. Backme does not require any monetary investment to get started and we earn our money by keeping a percentage of the donations made to you. For now that is 20% and as soon as we financially can afford it that will be reduced to 15% and 10%. This means that the more Backme is governed and incorporated under Dutch Law and is a not-for-profit organization.


You can find our policy here

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Once we accept your project (we read everything!) you will receive an email with the instructions to make the bank transfer and validate your account.

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