About BackMe

Backme is a new and human-centric alternative to increase your independence as a content creator.

We help you convert your audience into your own community. A community that supports you and your creations in a sustainable and ethical way. That means less dependence on editors, advertisers and social networks for you.

We started Backme because an increasing group of content creators have seen their income fall continually in recent years. Partly because the largest media platforms have had to cut back due to declining advertising revenues and memberships.

With Backme we help you build a sustainable income, create your own community and interact with it. On your terms and in respect of not only your privacy. Your data is your data and we don’t sell it nor provide access to others. That also counts for your community of course.

Backme offers an inclusive and diverse environment that does not rely on advertisers, subscriptions or the selling of data. Most platforms are dominated by advertising gains that go hand in hand with violations of fundamental human rights for privacy and freedom of expression. Backme creates a safe space where value can be created in both social and economic returns. It is essential for our team members, content creators and backers that this takes place within a protected and respectful environment.

Content from verified creators and reactions from real people. We believe that this approach benefits you as a creator and society in general.

We help you break through the filter bubbles by connecting different communities and facilitating healthy discourse and discussion. We are proud that the results surpass our expectations so far in this matter.

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