How does Backme work?

Backme in its essence is a donation platform. It helps you as a creator to build a sustainable income with support from your own community.

Via your backme page (for example you can explain who you are, refer to your publications, artworks, podcasts or videos, and offer a number of donation options to your potential backers.

The donation section of your Backme page gives you a complete overview of all relevant information about your donations.

As soon as a recurring donation is made, a monthly direct debit authorization for the selected amount is issued.

Every month we automatically debit the specified amount from the backer’s account, and 56 days later it is in your registered bank account. We have to keep those 56 days because that is the period in which a direct debit can still be reversed in the EU. The donation will initially be paid to the account of the Open Source & Government Foundation. We do this to avoid any risk to you as a content creator from not getting paid. After all, Backme is a private company, and that can always be a risk. In this way we ensure that the money is not gone and that the income flow can continue to come independently of our company.

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